Highland Square Neighborhood Association

The Highland Square Neighborhood Association (HSNA) is comprised of creative, energetic and civic-minded citizens from throughout Akron and Northeast Ohio. Our goal is to bring together Highland Square's diverse community to preserve and promote the area’s cultural and economic prosperity. To achieve this goal, HSNA is committed to educating the community, both inside and outside the Highland Square district, on our neighborhood’s unique demographics, history, architecture and the direction of its physical development. HSNA is a 501c(3) organization.

HSNA Board

Katie Carver Reed, President
Anita Marron, Secretary
Jessica Forrest, Treasurer
Tim Peyton, Trustee
David Kirschbaum, Trustee
Christopher Faircloth, Trustee
David Ignazio, Trustee
Philip Nabors, Trustee

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in Highland Square. Attend and support events in the community (many of which are free), become an event volunteer, or contact us with specific cultural or arts initiatives that you would like to see in Highland Square.

Another great way to get involved is to stay informed. HSNA works with community partners to create a sustainable and vibrant neighborhood that fosters education, arts and culture. But to make this all possible, we need your financial contributions. Make a donation to HSNA today!

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Knight Arts Challenge: Highland Square Neighborhood Association is proud to be an inaugural winner of the Knight Arts Challenge in Akron! The organization will host a film festival in the winter of 2017 which will feature local works made by the community for the community.