Band sign-up is now closed

Registration for the August 2019 Porchrokr Music & Arts Festival is now closed. We appreciate the many artist who have signed up and we look forward to announcing this year's line-up soon.

Our Performers Committee will review all applications and make every effort to accommodate all requests. However, historically, we often receive more entries that we can accommodate. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all performers will make it on our schedule. Look for a confirmation email from us after the June 1 deadline.

How are the bands scheduled? 

Bands will perform continuously throughout the day on every street in the footprint. When a band if finished on one side of the street, a band will start on the other side of the street. (For example, Band A begins at 11 a.m. and finishes no later than Noon. Band B, across the street, begins at Noon and finishes by 1 p.m.) Bands are only allotted their given time slot. We cannot support second performances. 

What about breakdown and setup? 

There is an hour break between performances on a stage/porch for breakdown and setup of the next band. Please be mindful of the time you are using for breakdown and setup as another band may need to get onto the porch for their use. 

What are the requirements?

Performers are required to have any and all equipment they need to perform, including any sound equipment. Power will be supplied either by the homeowner or a generator.

If you or your band have already registered and have any questions or can no longer participate, contact: