Sign up to VOLUNTEER

If you are interested in helping out with PorchRokr for August 17, 2019, we can use a hand! We need volunteers for the day of the event. From setup to tear down it takes lots of work to make this fantastic day happen. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know…

How else can you help?

We need volunteers to help pass out maps and schedules, guides that know the lay of the land to tell people where to go, and people to help with all of the logistics throughout the day. If you are unable to help out the day of the event, that is fine too, there are lots of other ways you can be involved. You choose the way you would like to be involved:

  • Schedule a day to pick up in the neighborhood
  • Help get a porch or yard ready for PorchRokr
  • Like us on facebook
  • Document PorchRokr in video or pictures! 

Thank you!

This event would not be possible without all of the wonderful people that make it happen. It is truly a community event fueled by tireless volunteers freely giving their time, experience and support. We appreciate everyone who helps out in any way to make PorchRokr a success!